Museum interior and its installation is a challenging task even for an experienced designer. When designing a museum interior, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors, for in one case a gallery interior is designed, for example, an exhibition hall or a gallery, yet in other case a museum may be equipped in an already existing historical and authentic environment (a castle, memorial museum, etc.). Therefore the equipment of a museum and complexity of fitting of furniture depend on the specifics of the museum.

The production of museum furniture starts with a well considered concept and thorough planning of the exhibition. The museum design often depends on the museum specificity itself (gallery, museum of arts, historical museum, nature museum, museum of technologies, etc.).

Museum furniture consists of showcases, display cases and tables and many other unique pieces of furniture that may be necessary to highlight the exhibits, make them understandable and clear for the visitors furthermore as well as impress them. The proper lighting and exposition are very important here. Therefore the sources of light may be integrated in the furniture.

Our aim is an exceptional design and interior of a museum, which we will help to create by producing furniture mostly suitable for the planned expositions. The production of exceptional museum furniture is carried out in accordance with the project developed by our designers and the customer together. We also manufacture budget museum furniture for small, low-budget museum spaces and galleries.

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