Hotel interior is a great space for the designer’s imagination. It can be classics, modernism, eclecticism, minimalism and even baroque – there are almost no limits for the choice of styles apart from the concept of a hotel and its financial possibilities. However, we are ready to design the furniture that will not only comply with the vision of your hotel but will be ergonomic, functional and durable as well.

Hotel furniture must have exceptional versatility because all hotel customers are different. In addition, when developing the hotel interior and designing its furniture, it is necessary to take into account the features of each of hotel’s premises (hotel room, reception, kitchen, cafe, laundry, etc.) and produce compact and comfortable furniture intended for a special function, for example, a reception desk.

When a high class, not less than three-star hotel, is created, the production of furniture for such a hotel is not possible without natural materials, high quality solid wood, natural or artificial stone, etc. High quality hotel furniture will make the hotel more presentable, luxurious and ensure durability, which is necessary for premises being constantly used.

We also produce inexpensive hotel furniture for small, lower-class hotels: hostels, B&B type hotels, small guest houses and motels. For production of economy class furniture we use natural wood veneer coated chipboard, high pressure laminate, glass and other materials that you can choose according to your financial possibilities.

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